Alcohol Policy


The following guidelines clarify the expectations of Notre Dame Athletics Department employees regarding the use of alcohol. These guidelines are intended to supplement and not to replace existing University of Notre Dame and departmental policies on alcohol use, including University policies applying to employees and students, the Student Host policy governing the hosting of prospective student-athletes, the Athletics Department Team Travel policy, and team policies established by coaches.

1. Use Good Judgment
As a Notre Dame Athletics Department employee, you are considered a representative of Notre Dame athletics and the University of Notre Dame. You are a role model for our student-athletes, fans and others. If you consume alcohol in the presence of students or prospective students, you are expected to model responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol. Athletics Department employees should at all times use good judgment, set appropriate and professional boundaries between employee and student, and remove themselves from compromising social situations.

2. Underage Drinking, Intoxication and Abusive Drinking
University policy, and in some cases state law, prohibits drinking by any individual who is underage, intoxication by individuals of any age, and abusive drinking. In the State of Indiana, any person under 21 years of age is underage. Athletics Department employees shall not provide alcohol to any underage student or prospective student, and shall not knowingly permit underage drinking, intoxication, or abusive drinking by any student or prospective student.

3. University Funds
Due to University policy and NCAA rules, University funds generally may not be used to purchase alcohol for any Notre Dame student or prospective student. However, University funds may be used to purchase alcohol for students of legal drinking age at special events hosted by the University where licensed bartenders are serving alcohol (e.g., Purcell Pavilion dedication dinner) or in special circumstances upon approval of the sport administrator (e.g., a team wine-tasting event on a foreign tour).

4. Personal Funds
NCAA rules regarding extra benefits generally prohibit Athletics Department employees from purchasing alcohol for student-athletes using personal funds. The only exception to such general rule is a pre-approved “occasional meal,” during which a Notre Dame Athletics employee may purchase a drink for a student-athlete who is of legal drinking age.

5. Purchasing Alcohol for Prospective Students
Athletics Department employees may not provide alcohol to prospective students, regardless of the source of funds and regardless of whether the prospective student is of legal drinking age.

6. Violations
Violations of these guidelines could result in disciplinary action in accordance with Notre Dame Human Resources Performance Management procedures or, for coaches, in accordance with the terms of his or her employment contract.

Effective June 20, 2014, replacing the former policy entitled Notre Dame Athletics Department Employee Standards.