Buying Directory

Expense/Accounting Forms & Instruction

  • BuyND Instruction – online system utilized by the Business Office for all purchase request processing. Essentially, goods and supplies are ordered and received through this Procurement site. Only authorized users may use this system. Contact the Business Office if you would like to attend training.
  • TravelND instructions--all the information on requirements for expense reporting through Concur can be found on
  • Charitable Contribution—All charitable contributions must be pre-approved by the Office of the Executive Vice President. Please contact your Business Office contact if your department would like to make a charitable contribution.
  • Equipment Disposal Form – This form is used to record the sale, transfer or disposal of University-owned capital assets.
  • Facilities Requisition – Facility Requisitions are now online for campus custodial and maintenance services except Landscaping Services, Security, and Warehouse Supplies. If you are approved to requisition online (you know who you are) utilize the Facility Requisition site on InsideND. If not, please complete a facility requisition request & submit it to your Business Office contact.
  • Missing Receipt Affidavit – to be included with the expense report in lieu of a missing original receipt in limited circumstances. Can be found on the home page of Concur under the Read More arrow.
  • Unbudgeted Expense Request Form– This form should be completed for any unbudgeted expenses, Capital requests, or IT requests.
  • Request to Engage Sports Performance Outside Consultant Form– This form should be completed for any sports performance outside consulting requests. 
  • Use the Sole Source Justification form in BuyND to document the purchase of goods and/or services greater than $10,000 unless purchased from a strategic University vendor. For a list of strategic vendors visit buyND.

Procurement Services

Procurement Services offers the following services to the University community:

  • Sourcing and Bidding
  • Quality Assurance, Compliance and Planning
  • Supplier Relations
  • Training, Marketing and Communications

Methods of Procurement

  • buyND – The preferred method for purchasing goods or services
  • Procurement Card (ProCard) – May be used to purchase individual low-cost items (see university policy and procedure).
  • Check Requisition – The Business Office can generate a check requisition in order to pay an outstanding invoice when buyND cannot be used.
  • Expense Report Reimbursement – An expense report may be completed by an employee who has purchased items out-of-pocket and is seeking reimbursement.

Vendor Selection

University Preferred Vendors – Strategic vendors can be broken down into two categories: prime vendors and preferred vendors. Prime vendors have sole source contracts with the University for their commodities. These provide deep discounts to the University in exchange for the exclusive arrangement with the University (examples include Lenovo computers for Windows desktops and Office Depot for office supplies). If a prime vendor does not carry an item or its items do not meet your specifications, then other vendors may be utilized. Preferred vendors do not have exclusive arrangements for their commodities, but based on the pricing and terms and conditions, colleges and departments are strongly encouraged to use these vendors. Preferred vendors include moving services, software and peripherals.

Purchasing Forms For Large Items

  • To purchase items over $10,000, please fill out the Supplier Justification>10K on the BuyND home page.
  • Unbudgeted Expense Request Form – This form should be completed for any unbudgeted expenses, Capital requests, or IT requests.

Purchasing Office Furniture

The university requires that furniture be purchased through BuyND. Our strategic furniture vendor is Business Furnishings. Please do not utilize Office Depot or any other vendors for office furniture, unless approved by Procurement. Purchasing Policy

Procurement Services is now supporting a campus-wide Amazon Business account. This is a new program that will replace all current Amazon Prime accounts paid for by colleges and administrative units.

Key points of the new Amazon Business account are:

The Amazon Business account is only to be used for buying items from Amazon when a product is not available from one of our Preferred Suppliers.
This program will save the University well over $10,000 annually.
The program provides the same Amazon shopping experience as a regular Amazon account for all purchases over $25.
Orders less than $25 will incur shipping charges.
Some technology product categories are restricted and require Procurement Services approval before purchasing.
Payments should be made using University Pro Card

If you do not have an Amazon account of any kind related to Notre Dame business and wish to participate in the new Amazon Business program, please call the Procurement Services Help Desk (631-4289) with your preferred Notre Dame email address. This will become your new Amazon Business login. They will also need to know your academic or administrative unit (ex. Athletics) to add you as a user. Please note: personal Amazon accounts should not be used for University purchases and may not be considered for reimbursement.

If you experience any issues during the setup process, please reach out to Amazon Business Customer Service. Their phone number is 866-486-2360. Please use this team for anything relating to an order, transaction, shipment, and general Amazon related inquiries.

Please contact Procurement via email ( if you have any questions.

Purchasing Software Licenses / Applications

Please be aware that if you are planning to purchase software of any sort it must be approved through OIT and General Counsel prior to making the purchase. In order to initiate the approval process, please contact a member of the Athletics IT Solutions Team. With their assistance, they will walk through the process to understand your needs and assess the university’s security risk if the software is not currently in use on campus. Please provide the name of the vendor, their contact information (email and phone number), and the software agreement that can be reviewed by Athletics IT and General Counsel. Please plan for at least 2-3 weeks to complete the review process. Once approved, the Athletics IT Team will work with the Business Office staff to initiate the purchase order for the vendor. In many cases the university may already support a similar product and an additional site license will be purchased.

  • Process for Purchasing Software Applications
  • Project Data Assessment
  • Data Access Policy
  • Project Snapshot
  • Risk Profile Assessment

Tax Reminders