Buying Directory

Procurement Services

Procurement Services offers the following services to the University community:

  • Sourcing and Bidding
  • Quality Assurance, Compliance and Planning
  • Supplier Relations
  • Training, Marketing and Communications

Methods of Procurement

  • buyND – The preferred method for purchasing goods or services
  • Procurement Card (ProCard) – May be used to purchase individual low-cost items (see university policy and procedure).
  • Check Requisition – The Business Office can generate a check requisition in order to pay an outstanding invoice when buyND cannot be used.
  • Expense Report Reimbursement – An expense report may be completed by an employee who has purchased items out-of-pocket and is seeking reimbursement.

Vendor Selection

University Preferred Vendors – Strategic vendors can be broken down into two categories: prime vendors and preferred vendors. Prime vendors have sole source contracts with the University for their commodities. These provide deep discounts to the University in exchange for the exclusive arrangement with the University (examples include Lenovo computers for Windows desktops and Office Depot for office supplies). If a prime vendor does not carry an item or its items do not meet your specifications, then other vendors may be utilized. Preferred vendors do not have exclusive arrangements for their commodities, but based on the pricing and terms and conditions, colleges and departments are strongly encouraged to use these vendors. Preferred vendors include moving services, software and peripherals.

Purchasing Forms For Large Items

  • To purchase items over $10,000, please fill out the Supplier Justification>10K on the BuyND home page.
  • Over Budget Request Form – Submit this form to the Business Office for approval to go over budget

Purchasing Office Furniture

The university requires that furniture be purchased through BuyND. Our strategic furniture vendor is Business Furnishings. Please do not utilize Office Depot or any other vendors for office furniture, unless approved by Procurement.

Purchasing Software Licenses / Applications

Please be aware that if you are planning to purchase software of any sort it must be approved through OIT and General Counsel prior to making the purchase. In order to initiate the approval process, please contact Shirley Hums at 1-6825 or Nina Holdread at 1-8271. With their assistance, and, if necessary, you will utilize the documents below to outline your needs and assess the university’s security risk if the software is not currently in use on campus. As this must be done in advance, please plan for a few extra weeks to complete the process. Once approved, Shirley Hums or a member of the Business Office staff will initiate a purchase order for the vendor. In many cases the university may already support a similar product and an additional site license will be purchased.

Tax Reminders