New Amazon Business Account

Author: Vickie Anderson

Procurement Services is now supporting a campus-wide Amazon Business account. This is a new program that will replace all current Amazon Prime accounts paid for by colleges and administrative units.

Key points of the new Amazon Business account are:

The Amazon Business account is only to be used for buying items from Amazon when a product is not available from one of our Preferred Suppliers.
This program will save the University well over $10,000 annually.
The program provides the same Amazon shopping experience as a regular Amazon account for all purchases over $25.
Orders less than $25 will incur shipping charges.
Some technology product categories are restricted and require Procurement Services approval before purchasing.
Payments should be made using University Pro Card

If you do not have an Amazon account of any kind related to Notre Dame business and wish to participate in the new Amazon Business program, please call the Procurement Services Help Desk (631-4289) with your preferred Notre Dame email address. This will become your new Amazon Business login. They will also need to know your academic or administrative unit (ex. Athletics) to add you as a user. Please note: personal Amazon accounts should not be used for University purchases and may not be considered for reimbursement.

If you experience any issues during the setup process, please reach out to Amazon Business Customer Service. Their phone number is 866-486-2360. Please use this team for anything relating to an order, transaction, shipment, and general Amazon related inquiries.

Please contact Procurement via email ( if you have any questions.