Sport Administrator Checklist

Actions to be Completed Each Season by the Sport Administrator

Schedule Plan

Complete and/or approve Schedule Plan (Form F) for each semester or academic year (as applicable) as far in advance as possible, preferably for the entire season on a tentative basis. Submit to the Business Office for review, ideally prior to booking the travel. See Section VI.A.1 of the Team Travel Policy.

  • Ensure that proposed forms of ground transportation are permissible and that buses are procured through Anthony Travel or a Risk Management-approved bus company (Form A). See Section IV.A. of the Team Travel Policy.
  • Arrange all charter air through Notre Dame Procurement (recommended for multiple flights or entire season) and/or Anthony Travel (for single or occasional charter flights). See Section V.B. of the Team Travel Policy.

Potential Driver List

Assemble a list of all potential Team Travel drivers. As you assemble this list, keep in mind that:

Driver Approval

For each potential driver on your list, you must do the following (Important Note: for student drivers, you need to take each of these steps annually; for non-student University employees, you need to take each of these steps every three (3) years):

  • Provide each driver with a copy of the Team Travel Policy Driver Guidelines (Form B);
  • Submit a completed Authorization for Driving Record (Form C) to Rachel Jones;
  • Review and submit a completed Driver Information and Acknowledgement Form (Form D) to Rachel Jones. This form contains a verification that the proposed driver has viewed the Safe Driving Course, which is 20 minutes long and is available online at the Athletics Business Office Team Travel website; and
  • Consult with Rachel Jones to resolve any questions regarding the forms, including the content and whether a form needs to be completed for a particular driver.

Emergency Contact List

Submit an emergency contact list (Form G) that includes all potential members of the regular season travel party to the Athletics Business Office and the Director of Athletics office at least 3 days before the first trip of the academic year. See Section VI.A.1.b. of the Team Travel Policy.

  • Revise the emergency contact list as needed throughout the year.
  • Re-submit the emergency contact list with appropriate revisions prior to your first post-season away competition (if applicable).

Team Travel Itinerary

Prior to each trip during the regular season and the post-season, submit a Team Travel Itinerary to the Athletics Business Office (Form H). In addition to Form H, you will be required to send your Emergency Contact List that indicates exactly which members of the travel party will be traveling on the particular trip. See Section VI.A.1.c. of the Team Travel Policy

Actions to be Completed by Sport Administrator on “As Needed” Basis

Unusual Ground Transportation

Approve ground transportation that is not pre-approved in Section IV of the Team Travel Policy. Seek input from Risk Management & Safety if applicable. See Section IV.A.11 of the Team Travel Policy

Post-Season Charter Air

Review all post-season charter air proposed by the NCAA. If you are not familiar with the air carrier, or have other questions, contact the NCAA directly or Anthony Travel. See Section V.C of the Team Travel Policy

Corporate or Donated Air

If a student-athlete is going to fly on corporate air (university-owned plane or leased plane such as NetJets) or donated air (a University donor aircraft), you must follow the steps contained in the policy. Examples include awards ceremonies or emergency travel. See Section V.D of the Team Travel Policy

Charter Air and Weather

If your team is scheduled to fly on a chartered, corporate or donated aircraft, exercise discretion not to fly based on weather or other safety-related conditions. See Section V.E of the Team Travel Policy

International Travel

If your team is traveling internationally, whether as part of regular season foreign travel or a foreign tour, check the Foreign Travel Information document (Form I) and comply with the recommendations. See Section VI.B of the Team Travel Policy

Student-Athletes Traveling Separately

If you know of a student-athlete who is traveling separately from the team instead of with the official travel party, contact the Business Office to determine whether the student-athlete needs to sign the standard waiver (Form J). See Section VI.C of the Team Travel Policy

Accident or Incident Forms

If your team is involved in an accident or incident related to Team Travel, ensure that the appropriate form is completed (Form E for accidents and Form K for incidents), and work with the Business Office, Risk Management, and/or Anthony Travel (as appropriate) to resolve the accident or incident. See Section IV.B.6.a and Section VIII.B of the Team Travel Policy