Form I: Foreign Travel Checklist

Obtain funding

  • Develop/obtain approval of trip budget and funding with your sport administrator and Business Office

Complete and submit NCAA Compliance Certification Form

Obtain passports for all members of the travel party (all trips)

Obtain visas for members of the travel party (rare, but possible for some trips)

  • Determine whether you need a visa for the country/countries to which you are traveling. More information is available here (SAF may be available to assist with visa costs)

Comply with University Protocol (Notre Dame International)

  • Review U.S. Department of State information for the country/countries to which you are traveling to. Please note that Notre Dame undergraduate students generally cannot travel to any country that the Department of State deems Level 3 or 4..
  • All undergraduate students undertaking Notre Dame-sponsored international travel are required to register their travel through Notre Dame International’s Travel Registry.
  • Head Coach (or his/her designee) must do so for the entire team by completing the Athletic Team Registration form available at this link NDI highly encourages completion at least 1 month prior to departure. Please note that most foreign trips/tours involving student-athletes will be deemed “mandatory” such that liability waivers are not needed.
  • All undergraduate students must enroll in international health insurance for the duration of the trip. NDI facilitates the purchase of this reasonably-priced insurance for the entire travel party through GeoBlue international health insurance. The team may pay for this insurance for student-athletes.
  • Strongly suggest that one representative of your travel party attend Trip Leader Training. Notre Dame International provides training in the fall and spring on travel, health and safety. For information on upcoming training sessions (Email)
  • If you have any other questions, please (Email)

Contact the Athletic Department Business Office

  • Contact: Bev Frecker (Email, 631-8872)
  • Request an event account number to track all revenue and expenses associated with the trip
  • Money: Credit card is the preferred method of payment for primary expenditures overseas; all Business Office forms and instructions are available In the Travel Forms and Instructions Section
    • Take a limited amount of cash, both US dollars and foreign currency; complete a cash advance form online for each currency needed at least two weeks in advance
    • NCAA Bylaw 30.7.9 allows the institution to provide a student-athlete with $20 per day for up to 21 days (in addition to the usual away-from-home meals or money) for incidental expenses in connection with a foreign tour
  • Cell phones: Most iPhones are compatible abroad. Please contact the Business Office (631-8112) if you need to borrow an iPhone, and for details regarding the international rate plans available through Sprint.


  • If leaving from Notre Dame, determine where to park while you are gone (this can be an important topic if you will be traveling during a special event, such as commencement)
    • Contact: Kyle Johnson, NDSPD (Email, 631-5047) (to determine where to park)
    • For a student to leave a vehicle on campus, the vehicle must be registered with campus security. A special pass will be issued by NDSP Parking Services, obtained from Kyle Johnson, and parking is only allowed D6 or D2 Lots.
    • Contact: Parking Services to notify them of your parking space in the case of a Special Event taking place on campus.

Medical Information

  • Insurance options (staff)
    • Staff can also purchase insurance through Notre Dame International
    • General rules for staff members on Notre Dame’s health insurance plans:
      • PPO will reimburse for overseas medical treatment at 65% after deductible
      • HMOs will reimburse only for medical emergencies that occur overseas
      • Contact Human Resources at 631-5900 to discuss plan coverage in more detail
  • University Health Services can advise as to whether there are required/suggested vaccinations for your destination
    • Contact: Travel Health Nurse, UHS at 631-8661
    • This call should be made at least 2 months in advance
  • Athletic trainer or team physician generally must accompany the team
    • Note that some prescription medications common in the US are illegal in other countries; UHS Travel Nurse and team/UHS physicians can assist in determining (i) whether any prescription medications that will be taken into the country by your traveling party need special authorization and (ii) what medication can be dispensed by the Athletic Trainer
    • Plan for unique issues in destination country such as lack of availability of ice and allergy seasons

Travel partners

  • Anthony Travel provides a variety of service levels to our programs that are planning a foreign tour
  • Contact: Jim O’Connor (Email, 631-3067)
  • IF Anthony Travel is planning all aspects of your foreign tour: you can assume that the contracts, insurance provisions and other required items are in place
  • IF you are utilizing travel partners other than or in addition to Anthony Travel to handle all of or certain aspects of your tour (e.g., air, ground transportation, hotels, meals, scheduling of opponents), you should do the following with each such entity:
    • Coach/sport administrator should conduct due diligence regarding the provider (i.e., request and Contact at least two references, preferably other Division I colleges/universities)
    • Confirm through travel partner that local transportation providers and event hosts have insurance
    • Ask for a contract detailing the services, which must be approved and signed in advance
    • Contact: Angie Torain (Email, 631-6721)

Emergency contact information

  • Collect emergency contact information from each member of the travel party
  • Provide wallet cards containing foreign emergency information to all members of travel party. ** US Embassy/Consulate contact information
    for countries you are visiting.
  • Identify an Athletic Department representative who is not traveling with you to serve as your campus contact; exchange contact information and provide him/her with a full travel itinerary
  • E-mail a full travel itinerary to each of the emergency contacts
  • Make multiple copies of passports and emergency contact information (provide one copy to your primary travel provider(s), leave one copy with your campus contact, and take two copies with you)

Conduct an orientation for student-athletes and other members of the travel party close to the time of departure

  • Contact: Travel Registry (Email,) to help you prepare an agenda for orientation, provide a campus speaker from NDI, and/or provide a person with specific knowledge of travel in your destination.
  • Suggested Topics: conduct expectations, safety/security, culture, packing checklist