Student Manager Program

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“Notre Dame Student Manager Guidebook” – Includes instruction and forms necessary for travel and business. A must read for Student Managers.

2005-2006 Student Manager Presentation

Athletics Department Mission Statement

The Notre Dame Athletics Department has devised a plan to reach the goals the department set for its future. The following mission statement guides the department toward the achievement of these goals:

The Notre Dame Athletics Department will be recognized as a leader amongst its peers because of the accomplishments of its programs to promote the educational and personal development of the men and women within the student body population."

About Student Managers

Student Managers are an integral part of the Athletics Department operation. Without their efforts, Athletics cannot complete its mission.


Notre Dame Athletics has a proud tradition of success. Student Managers have always played an integral role in Notre Dame team achievements. In the early decades of this century, coaches Jesse Harper and Knute Rockne relied on Student Managers to schedule the opponents their teams played, in addition to many of the duties currently performed by Student Managers. It is an honor to be a part of this heritage and a privilege to further this tradition for future generations.


Kathy Speybroeck, Head Varsity Sport Equipment Manager, is the immediate staff advisor for the Student Managers. Any questions or concerns regarding the Student Manager Organization should be directed to Kathy.

The Business Office handles all financial matters for Athletics. The main contact for student managers with the Business Office is Sandy Young.