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Thirty club sports have been actively recognized by Student Accounts and RecSports for the 2010-11 academic year. Through Club Sports, Notre Dame students participate in organized competition throughout the country. For a complete list of active clubs please refer to the “Club Sports web site”

The Athletics Business Office aids RecSports in the handling of fiscal club matters related to travel and purchasing expenses. The club sport contact in the Business Office is Janice Tabb.

Fiscal Responsibilities

The purpose of this site is to assist Club Sports officers in fulfilling their responsibilities to the University of Notre Dame. It presents and explains the University of Notre Dame Athletic Department fiscal policies and procedures that are required to comply with Federal tax law and University regulations. This guidebook will help ensure consistent and fair treatment between each Club, and uniform revenue and expense reporting for each Club.

Please keep in mind at all times, that your continued participation in a Club is dependent upon your use of good judgment and your compliance with these policies and procedures.

The University of Notre Dame values and appreciates the commitment of our Club Sports participants.


RecSports Business Office
Dave Brown Janice Tabb
Director, Club Sports Bookkeeper, Club Sports
Rolfs Sports Recreation Center 112 Joyce Center
Phone 631-6192 Phone 631-7247

Dave Brown
Director, Club Sports
Rolfs Sports Recreation Center
Ph. 1-6192
Business Office
Janice Tabb
Bookkeeper, Club Sports
112 Joyce Center
ph. 1-7247

Forms and Instructions (Club Sports)

Dave Brown, the Club Sports Coordinator in the Office of RecSports, must approve all financial transactions for Club Sports prior to submission to the Business Office.

Next of Kin Lists

A Next of Kin List must be completed and turned into the Athletics Business Office as soon as your team members are finalized and before practice begins. The list should be updated, in writing, as needed, throughout the season.

The list should include the student’s name, campus address, and campus telephone number, as well as the name(s), address(es), and home and business telephone number(s) of the student’s next of kin (the person we should contact in case of emergency).

If any of the parents on the list are divorced, we would like to know which parent is at the home address. Also, name the stepparent, non-custodial parent, home and business phones for each, if applicable. Daytime work numbers are important, as it is often necessary to reach parents during the daytime hours.

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Travel Rosters and Itineraries

Travel Rosters and Itineraries must be filed with the Business Office at least 48 hours prior to departure from campus. If necessary, they can be slipped under the door of the Business Office after hours. Use more than one form if your travel roster or itinerary form information exceeds the space allotted.

The Travel Roster/Itinerary must include the names of all travelers (players, coaches, administrators, etc.); departure/return dates and times; method of travel; air carrier; flight numbers; connecting cities; hotel; hotel phone number (direct line); a coach’s cell phone number or number where a member of the travel party may be reached at all times; city of destination; playing site; and Club name. The name of the playing site and the time of competition are very important – make sure this information is recorded.

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Request for Cash Advance

The “Request for Cash Advance form”: should be used to request all team travel advances the team may require. The amount of cash requested should be computed based on the cash needs for the trip. Request only the minimal amount required for the trip. For security reasons, we prefer that you carry as little cash as practical on the trips. Alternate methods for payment (American Express Corporate Card and Traveler’s Cheques) are available to cover large expenses, such as hotels, gasoline charges, team meals, and emergency needs.

It is recommended that all Cash Advance Requests be submitted at one time prior to the season . This will require planning for these needs.

The American Express Corporate Card should be used whenever practical. Cash requests and usage should be kept to a minimum. Adequate planning is the key to reducing the amount of cash needed on trips. When possible, make advance arrangements with hotels, transportation companies and restaurants that will direct bill the University or accept the American Express credit card or Traveler’s Cheques. This will minimize the risk of lost or stolen cash.

All requests for advances must be in the Athletics Business Office two weeks prior to your departure date. This is necessary so that the Business Office can approve the request, submit it to the General Accounting Office, and receive a check back from that office. Note that the cash advance is really a check made payable to the requestor.

Only two Cash Advances can be outstanding at one time per club team. Expense reports must be submitted before another advance will be issued.

The first time you send this form to the Business Office, you must have your team roster attached, as this will be sent to Accounting for their records. Each Request for Cash Advance is assigned a A TR Number by the General Accounting Office. This number should be documented on your Expense Report to account for the cash advance.

Note: Any money left over from your cash advance must be counted and turned into the Business Office on the day of your return or the next business morning. You should obtain a receipt from the Business Office for the amount of cash you turn in. Make sure that the receipt is for the amount that you turned in!

Typical cash expenditures for a team trip include:

  • Taxi/Shuttle fares: Most fees for public ground transportation
  • Tips: Tips for van and bus drivers, hotel services, taxis, etc. Recommended tip amounts are:
    • Bus trip: $10 per trip or $ 20 per day, per driver
    • Luggage handling/valet: $2 per bag
    • Taxi: 15% of the total cost
    • Restaurants: 15% (Note that most restaurants already include this gratuity in the billing for large parties).

Again, hotel bills, meals, transportation, and other expenses should be paid using the American Express Corporate Card, whenever practical.

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American Express Corporate Cards

Club Sport Presidents and designated officers will be issued American Express Corporate Cards in order to minimize the amount of cash taken on trips. These cards should be used to pay for all Club hotel charges, gasoline charges, transportation, meals, etc., that cannot be billed directly to the University. Each club sport is issued only 1 American Express Card.

Your American Express Corporate Card should be checked out the day of, or the day before, departure and returned immediately after arriving back at Notre Dame. See Janice in the Business Office to sign out your credit card. You are responsible for securing your card and its usage when it is in your possession. Your Corporate Card should be returned to the Business Office on the day of your return or the next morning, unless you come back on a weekend, in which case it is due on Monday.

Notre Dame will pay the balance due to American Express directly. However, the cards are assigned in the names of the Club Officers, and the Club Officers are responsible for all charges on their card. All original receipts from American Express must be turned in with the corresponding Expense Report for the trip. The billings from American Express are reconciled to the Expense Reports prior to payment.

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American Express Travelers’ Cheques

American Express Travelers’ Cheques can be issued to Club officers by the Business Office. Travelers’ Cheques should be checked out and returned just like the Corporate Card, before and after each trip.

The purpose of Travelers’ Cheques is to provide emergency cash assistance to the team without having to carry large amounts of cash. Most hotels will cash the cheques, therefore, a Club officer may carry and cash them as needed. A Request for Travelers’ Cheques form# should be submitted along with the Request for Cash Advance. Again, it is recommended that you plan ahead with your advisor and submit these requests two weeks prior to departure.

The Travelers’ Cheques should be signed by the Club officer when he/she receives them, and secured like cash at all times.

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Sales Tax Exemption

The University of Notre Dame is exempt from sales tax in many states. However, each state has different sales tax forms that must be presented to take advantage of the tax exemption.

Current sales tax status of the University. If you will be traveling to a state which affords the University the sales tax exemption, you should make every effort to take advantage of this discount. The forms you need to present can be obtained from the Athletics Business Office. States may require direct payment from Notre Dame in order to receive the tax exempt discount. Take this under advisement and plan ahead when possible to obtain a purchase order or direct billing arrangement before the trip

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Direct Billing

If you arrange for a hotel to bill the University directly, the hotel must follow the billing instructions below. Forward these instructions to the hotel when making arrangements. Please make sure hotels understand that bills must be formatted as instructed to ensure prompt payment. Hotels must include the following:

  • Individual folios
  • Total room charges (unless tax exempt)
  • Total catering charges
  • Total catering tax
  • Total catering gratuity
  • Miscellaneous charges, if any
  • Total invoice

Please direct these charges to:

University of Notre Dame
Janice Tabb
Athletics Business Office
Joyce Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Note: If you intend to pay the hotel charges by credit card, a receipt of payment and all of the items specified are still required on the hotel bill.

If a hotel or other company requires a purchase order to make a reservation, complete a Purchase Request form, obtain approval from the Club Sports Coordinator and submit it to the Business Office. This form should identify the number of rooms required, the room rate and the number of nights.

All direct bills, (transportation, restaurants, hotels, etc.) must be sent to the attention listed on the Direct Billing Instructions. Any contracts that these service companies require also should be forwarded to this address. The Business Office will then obtain the Athletic Director’s signature.

Credit References are available for companies that may request them.

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Cash tipping is permitted, when necessary. All Club officers should be aware of the recommended guidelines (see Request for a Cash Advance above) and conduct tipping accordingly. The Club Officer responsible should keep adequate records of all cash tips issued, and should document these tips in detail on the trip Expense Report.

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Transportation which is not prepaid by the University, or billed directly to the University, should be charged on the American Express Corporate Card. Appropriate documentation to support the expense (receipt, invoice, etc.) should be acquired to support the expenditure, and attached to the trip Expense Report.

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Hotel, meals, and related expenses

If prior billing arrangements have not been made, Club officers are encouraged to use the American Express Corporate Card to pay for these expenses. Cash usage should be kept to a minimum. Keep all original receipts for inclusion with your expense report.

Note: Club members are responsible for all incidental charges assessed to their rooms. All incidentals, which include telephone charges, movie rentals, etc., must be paid before leaving the hotel. Whether the hotel is billing the University or you are paying by credit card, examine room charges before check out to identify incidentals and to ensure that the University is paying for the proper number of rooms, etc. Club members must pay for their own incidental charges before the Club checks out of the hotel. No incidental charges should be included on the bill to the University.

Regardless of the method of payment, the Club officers are responsible for obtaining adequate documentation of all hotel, meal and other trip expenses to support the trip Expense Report. Explanations of expenditures are required on the Expense Report.

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Expense Report

The “Expense Report” should be a complete accounting of the expenses related to the trip, including cash expenses, American Express Corporate Card charges, and Travelers’ Cheques expenses. All expenses should be documented on the Expense Report. Original receipts supporting the expenses should be attached to the Expense Report and turned into the Business Office. Again, original receipts for charges on the American Express Corporate Card will be reconciled to the invoice from American Express when it is sent to us for payment. Properly completed and approved Expense Reports must be filed with the Business Office within 5 days of your return.

If any explanations for unusual expenditures are required, please note them in the Details space on lower left of form, or in support attached to the Expense Report.

If you have lost or are missing any receipts, the Missing Receipt Affidavit must be completed and attached to the Expense Report.

Use the Less: Travel charged on the AMEX Corp Card, to subtract out the AMEX credit card expenses included in your report.

The Less: Cash Advance line must subtract the entire amount of the cash advance received for the trip. Please include the TR number assigned to the cash advance on your report.

The Less: Travelers’ Cheques used line should be used to account for any Travelers’ Cheques used on the trip.

The computed balance due the University should equal the amount of cash turned into the Business Office as an excess cash advance from the trip. Your receipt for the excess cash should support this amount.

The Expense Report must be signed by the Club member and the Club Sports Coordinator before it is turned into the Business Office.

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Payments for Officials

Due to stringent Internal Revenue Service guidelines, payments for officials must be broken down into categories of:

  • Game Fee
  • Per Diem
  • Mileage

This is necessary because only the Game Fee is taxable to the Official.

As soon as the game officials are determined, please submit the following to Janice in the Business Office.

  • Club
  • Opponent & Date
  • Official’s Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Social Security Number
  • Amounts due per relevant category (game fee, per diem and/or mileage if applicable)

Janice will submit your request to Human Resources. It is recommended that officials be paid on game day. Payments for individual services such as officiating are only printed once a week. Requests to pay officials should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date required.

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Purchase Requests

Requests for all team purchases of supplies, equipments, etc. from outside vendors for items in excess of $25.00 should be placed through the Athletics Business Office using a Purchase Request Form as soon as possible. The Business Office will initiate all purchases. Please do not contact the vendor yourself and place an order. All Purchase Requisitions submitted to University Purchasing must be authorized by the Business Office. Once your merchandise is received, please forward all invoices, packing slips to RecSports. Eventually all correspondance from the vendor will be sent to Janice in order for her to pay the vendor.

Purchase Requests for on-campus purchases at the Bookstore, Varsity Shop, etc., must also be authorized by the Athletics Business Office prior to use. Contact Janice with any questions.

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Revenues generated or received by Club Sports must be delivered to Janice Tabb in the Athletics Business Office the next business day. The following information must be presented in support of the funds to be deposited:

  • Date of revenue generating activity
  • Description: Source of funds (sales, dues, donation, etc.)
  • Club name
  • Club account number
  • Amount of cash for deposit
  • Amount of checks for deposit
  • Total of cash and checks for deposit
  • Officers: Names and signatures of 2 club officers responsible for funds

P. Janice Tabb will issue a receipt for the funds received. Please deliver a copy of this receipt to the RecSports Office.

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